This folk song is sang in Mithila region .Its a lokgeet of Mithila .Song explains a feeling of beloved when the lover arrives in the courtyard
Music -Tradtional
lyrics-kunj bihari mishra
Singer -Rupesh Jha
Sarod -Chen yakha
Bansuri -Sabin Maharjan
Music production -Chen
Music arranged -Chen yakha and Rupesh Jha
Video editing and cinematography -Lopsang dorje and Papu limbu
Audio and video at -Gharmai studio
Special thanks
Dhirendra premershi
Jitendra Jha

Song Translation in English
Mora aangna main ugi gelai chand
The moon is brightening in my courtyard
Sakhi yela piya mora pran re
The lover is saying to the friend that today his or her beloved has arrived so the moon is shining bright ❤
Antara 1
Nirash naina sarash bhagelai
My dry eyes are shining now more and more
Dukh sa bharal man chehek uthi gelai
A melancholy of my heart is feeling more pleased
Hait nazar k Milan re
Today our eyes will meet each other
Antara 2
Premak gagri chalakiye rahal chai
You can see my love in this pot
Hamar manorath sab puriye rahal chai
All my desires are being fulfilled
Karbai piya k saman re
I will praise my lover with my love ❤

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