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Kailash jha Published 1 year ago in Mix

Koshi Kamla Gandaki Kali By Dr Ck Raut - Old Madhesh Anthem-

Kailash Jha Songs
AIM song
Lyrics: Dr. Ck raut
Music: Shailendra Bishwakarma

About Writer:
Dr. CK Raut, is a prominent Nepalese Member of Parliament (MP), computer engineer, former United States Defense programmer, author, politician, and activist. He earned a gold medal in his Bachelor of Engineering from Pulchowk Campus, a central institution under the Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University. Raut was actively involved in the Alliance for Independent Madhesh, advocating for the establishment of a separate country for the Madhesi people. However, in 2018, he renounced this movement and opted to join mainstream politics. In the 2022 Nepalese general election, he was elected as a Member of Parliament in the Pratinidhi Sabha.


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