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Vidyapati Song (विद्यापति गीत )
Ke Patiya (के पतिया)
It's a popular lyrics of Mahakavi Vidyapati, which is performed by different artist in their own way but the basic melody is the same.This is just a modern rendition of this song to connect the young ones to reach wider audience globally.We have included only two antaras from the original lyrics.

PMP in association with Navrass Media,Janakpur Dham
Vidyapati Song
विद्यापति गीत
के पतिया लय जायत रे, मोर प्रियतम पास
हिय नहि सहय असह दुःख रे, भेल साओन मास

एकसरि भवन पिया विनुरे ,मोरा रहलो न जाय
सखी अनकर दुःख दारूण रे ,जग के पतिआय

विद्यापति कवि गाओल रे ,धरु धनि मन आस
आओत रसिक शिरोमणि रे ,पिय कातिक मास

Song : Ke Patiya (के पतिया)
Singer : Neha Priyadarshini
Music Recreation : Pravesh Mallick
Video Edit and Cinematography : Arun Shah
Media Partners : Glamourhub.com / @BeingMaithil
Vocal Recorded by Afsar Ali at Sanskar Studio,Noida.
Music Arranged,Programmed,Mixed and Mastered by Pravesh Mallick

Special Thanks
Sunil Mallick
Rita Karn Mallick
Ujwal Karn
Dhiraj Thakur
Parth Mallick

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