Maithili also call the Language of Music. but when somebody searches Music Maithili Online Play or Stream" there is no own website found. some website like gaana, Jio Savan, Hangama Music are Providing Maithili Song but they are not Saying that is Maithili song. even the Maithili's songs are uploaded on the Hindi category or Bhojpuri.

for Waiting after log time. "I LOVE MITHILA " is Launching Maithili's First Own Music Streaming Platform "Music Maithili  " Web and App. it is also called World First Music Maithili Streaming App and Web. which is coming soon.

Here most point to be noted. this web and app provide "Maithili songs Mp3 live play, Songs Download, follow Artists, Make own profile, Like Comment any music, share own created Music Maithili. creat playlist, in future they can gain paid music listener, Sell one Music or provide Free Music for Promotion.

"Music Maithili  " is Not competing with Youtube but including Youtube Features on Website and App. if you are a singer, lyric writer, creator of Music Maithili you can contact I LOVE MITHILA for Contribute own music. You also gain A certificate of Contribution. in the future artist maybe get Royalty for their music* as per listening, advertisement revenue, and membership. go to then Music Upload on App and Website take some time to realize.


FAQ About Music Maithili User.

What is "Music Maithili" ?

Music Maithili is a type of Music. which is related to the Maithili. Are you Saying "Music Maithili" site ?, Music Maithili is Online Maithili Songs Streaming Website and App. Where You Can Listen to Maithili Songs in a single click.

Can I listen Music Maithili or Song Online ?

Yes, Now You can listen Music Maithili or Songs Online. Which is Call "Music Maithili App" Step 1. Go to step 2. Search or Play any song which you want.

Can Get Royalty from Music Maithili ?

Are You Creator of Music Maithili or Song ?, Then Yes. sure you can get royalty from Music Maithili in the following condition. first, you must be verified and your songs are most played. shows Ads on your content.